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Wednesday, April 23 2014 @ 11:36 AM CDT

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Domain names

General News

Just a few domian names that I will be working with in the next few months if I dont sell them

and for my email addresses!

You can have a email address like

And lets not leave out the rest! I bought for resale! 


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6.9 magnitude earthquake offshore of Northern California

Location and Magnitude contributed by: Northern California Seismic System, UC Berkeley and USGS Menlo Park 

 6.9 Mw  (A strong quake)

View The Live Real-Time Earthquake map

As Of Current date and time is: Mar 10, 2014 13:54 UTC
No Tsunami Warnings, Advisories or Watches are in effect


Event Time
2014-03-10 05:18:13 UTC
2014-03-09 21:18:13 UTC-08:00 at epicenter
2014-03-10 00:18:13 UTC-05:00 system time

40.829°N 125.134°W depth=16.6km (10.3mi)

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Heavy fighting for Syrian town of Morek

Rebel soldiers said they had taken control of the Syrian town of Morek in the central Hama province on Saturday (March 8) after two weeks of clashes.
The town, which is controlled by regime forces, is considered important due to its strategic position, enabling Assad forces to use its roads for supplies and reinforcements. But while clashes were continuing, the rebels said they now had control of key posts in the town. 

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Actions by Iran are in gross violation of Iran's U.N. Security Council obligations

Hagel, Israeli Defense Minister Discuss Red Sea Operation
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Mar. 7, 2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe "Boogie" Yaalon yesterday afternoon and received a briefing on Israel's interdiction operation in the Red Sea that seized a suspected Iranian shipment of advanced weapons bound for terrorist organizations operating in Gaza.

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Tragic birth defect in which infants are born missing parts of their brain and skull.

General News

CNN Reports:

'I wish they would take it more seriously' In a few months, Washington state's Department of Health plans to report how many babies were born with neural tube defects in 2013 to see if the cluster has continued, Stahre says, adding that it may interview the mothers at some point in the future.

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Some people seem to think I am a little crazy to ask 3m for the http://Vortex.Me

General News


Hey Now! Some people  seem to think I am a little crazy to ask 3m for the http://Vortex.Me  domain name!  WTF?  So I decided to get serious!

I will Take 12,000,000.00 Firm! So you better get it now! Tomorrow you might be looking at over 100M!! Facebook can't buy this name so maybe you should start a social network with it?


As of 01/01/2014  Vortex.Me is Only $12,000,000.00 !

As of 02/01/2014  Vortex.Me is Only $22,000,000.00 !
To see if has been sold or is still for sale go to ... well go to

Get it now! Every month the vortex goes up 10 million! [FIRM]  Contact Me to buy this domain name now before it gets to high for your wallet ! Hey Now! Maybe the TONIGHT show will change its name to the VORTEX?  Walk this way!

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NASA Mars Orbiter Examines Dramatic New Crater

Space rocks hitting Mars excavate fresh craters at a pace of more than 200 per year, but few new Mars scars pack as much visual punch as one seen in a NASA image released today.

The scar appeared at some time between imaging of this location by the orbiter's Context Camera in July 2010 and again in May 2012. Based on apparent changes between those before-and-after images at lower resolution, researchers used HiRISE to acquire this new image on Nov. 19, 2013. The impact that excavated this crater threw some material as far as 9.3 miles (15 kilometers).

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M7.0 Earthquake 50km S of Acari, Peru

The Peru earthquake of September 25, 2013, occurred as thrust-faulting on or near the thrust-interface at the boundary between the South America plate and the subducting Nazca plate.  The Nazca plate subducts beneath the South America plate at the Peru-Chile trench offshore of western South America, and the thrust interface between the two plates dips east-northeast beneath the South American continent.   At the latitude of the earthquake, the Nazca plate moves to the east-northeast with respect to the South America plate with a velocity of about 70 mm/y.   

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Deadly earthquake of 7.7 magnitude south-west Pakistan

The September 24, 2013 M7.7 earthquake in south-central Pakistan occurred as the result of oblique-strike-slip type motion at shallow crustal depths. The location and mechanism of the earthquake are consistent with rupture within the Eurasia plate above the Makran subduction zone. The event occurred within the transition zone between northward subduction of the Arabia plate beneath the Eurasia plate and northward collision of the India plate with the Eurasia plate. The epicenter of the event is 69km north of Awaran, Pakistan, and 270km north of Karachi, Pakistan (population 11.6 million).

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VA Issues New Report on Suicide Data

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today released a comprehensive report on Veterans who die by suicide. In the past, data on Veterans who died by suicide was only available for those who had sought VA health care services. Today’s report also includes state data for Veterans who had not received health care services from VA, which will help VA strengthen its aggressive suicide prevention activities. The report indicates that the percentage of Veterans who die by suicide has decreased slightly since 1999, while the estimated total number of Veterans who have died by suicide has increased. 


Immediate help is available at or by calling the Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 (push 1) or texting 838255. 

Vet's Job Bank

Veterans Job Bank
The Veterans Job Bank provides a central resource allowing Veterans to access jobs available specifically for them. Also available, a Veterans Job search widget for web masters to enable a job search from their website.

Vital Signs

CDC Vital Signs™ – Learn about the latest public health data. Read CDC Vital Signs™…

News Break Me

News Break   
 By Richard Leonard

Owner Of


Government Time watch

In The News

This is The New News archives for Area Control News In The News AS you might have noticed our news post have been a little short here! You can now check out  In The News  for all your news needs. Of course You still get live weather radar and earthquakes on Area Control. Plus the News Video on the main page. 

Homeless Veterans

Homless vets

Is there a Veteran You Know at Risk of Losing Housing? Call VA Now. VA has comprehensive programs to prevent and eliminate Veteran homelessness. Contact VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET. You will reach a trained VA responder who can connect you with the resources VA offers through these and many other programs.


Joe Leonard photographer


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